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Take a deeper dive towards connection and self-actualization. Our workshops and presentations help you find transformation today.

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Unbox yourself

What is a limiting belief? A limiting belief is a thought or perception that prevents action and growth. We all deal with limiting beliefs in some form or another. They can be about ourselves, the world, and even come from false assumptions people have made. In “Unbox Yourself”, we turn our focus inward to the perception we have of ourselves, and see where in our lives we may have limiting beliefs. By the end of the program we bring ourselves to a place where we can start to let go of perceptions that hold us back. In turn, this creates more room to grow the life we dream of living.

threshold of consciousness

This workshop highlights the interconnectedness of all things, and how we are all just one step away from the cusp of our next breakthrough.

living naturally you

This workshop helps identify what makes us uniquely ourselves, and helps us release and shred any trauma that prevents us from being present to our most authentic selves.

The importance of team building 

We worked with a Fortune 500 company who was having an internal dispute regarding certain marginalized groups within their company. We held a 3 hour “Truth Summit”, in which team members were able to safely discuss issues around visibility and understanding each other’s unique cultural dna. Through meditation, journaling, and group discussions we were able to help people open up. Participants stated they were able to talk about issues that they felt were nearly impossible to discuss in a work environment. The summit was held on zoom and broadcasted over 3 states and 2 countries. 


All services available virtually or in-person


Your personal wellness begins with you. Invest in yourself and watch the quality of your life improve greatly. We offer customizable 1-on-1 and small group sessions for individuals, partners, and families.


Positive peer relationships and stress management helps grow healthy students. We help students explore their boundaries around self-management, self-esteem, and processing their emotions.Our programs have been adapted for all grades, as well as services for Staff and Parent-Teacher Associations.


Conscious business keeps clients optimal. A supportive work environment creates a fully-integrated team. Our work in business wellness builds relationships. Discover the ways you can strengthen your company’s vision with our team building programs.


Each session is adapted for individuals and groups

Mobility Sessions

Yoga helps build mental health and also improves one’s immunity. We have three mobility programs that can be adjusted for all shapes and sizes.

Mindfulness Sessions

This is the cornerstone of our work. In our mindfulness sessions, we teach the basics of meditation, deep-breathing, and releasing stress. Using our “Qalm Engineering”, clients report improved outlook, mood, and overall mental health.

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