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Employee Retention

Mindfulness boosts the morale and relationship between coworkers, creating longer lasting commitments.

Employee Retention is a big issue in today’s society. With more people opting out of jobs that do not serve their wellbeing, it is important to address employee needs from a holistic perspective. When employees feel recognized for their skills and humanity, there is a significant boost in retention. In this new evolution of life, quality work environments are more important than ever.


Employee Retention / Stretch & Refresh Meditation 

1-25 People – $150

25-100 People – $200

100+ People – Book a Discovery Call

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Stress management

Stress Management is key to reducing fatigue, burnout, and increased sick days. We help people deal with their emotions, without letting those emotions overwhelm them.

Stress is something we all go through, and yet most of us are unsure of how to manage it. Stress creeps into our lives and can create a feeling of helplessness, isolation, and depression. There is a link between physical tension and mental stress. These feelings can last even after the day/work shift is over. Our mobility and mindfulness sessions address both mental and physical discomfort. Previous clients report a significant drop in stress levels, and even maintain the techniques several months later.


Meditation / Yoga / Stretch & Refresh Meditation 

1-25 People – $150

25-100 People – $200

100+ People –  Book a Discovery Call

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Team Building

Coworkers gain a deeper understanding of the roles each team member plays. This creates a deeper sense of chemistry, and establishes common goals in the company’s mission.

When people feel included, there is an increase in serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, with a decrease in feelings of discomfort, anxiety, and aloneness. Team building creates a sense of unity and strengthens brand identity. We have seen struggling teams develop an “all in “ mentality once they came together. Our workshops and regular mobility sessions help foster that sense of cohesion.



1-25 People – $150

25-100 People – $200

100+ People –  Book a Discovery Call

Keynote / Workshop – Inquire for pricing

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Crisis management

In healthy workplace culture, when there is conflict, it is important to reestablish trust, safety, and authentic communication.  Our programs have been implemented  as a neutral 3rd-party that holds space for conversations between employees and their supervisors.

When workplace conflict arises, the next 48 hours can make or break an entire organization. We serve as a third party that helps facilitate reconciliation. We help foster an environment where everyone, regardless of power dynamics, feels comfortable to share how they feel.

Quality of Life

When stress and burnout take place, we no longer easily enjoy our personal time or time with our families. Our clients report a higher sense of purpose, self worth, and gratitude.

Decrease Sick Days:

When employers measure the quantified value of our program, a metric they go to is the decrease in sick days. Corporate clients have reported a significant decrease in sick days when their employees consistently engaged in wellness activities. This consistent attention to wellness reduced sick days and saved one client nearly $50,000 in insurance from reduced sick days.


People can lose track of their sense of self in the ever-changing, fast-paced, technologically driven world. Weekly individual mindfulness sessions activate and boost receptors that cultivate a deep sense of connection and purpose to life. When our clients think good, they feel good, and they do good. (click here to book a free 1v1 session)


There are few things worse for an ambitious mind than burnout. With so much to accomplish, going hard without paying attention to one’s mind and body is like driving a car with no oil; you might get to where you want to go but you won’t enjoy how you feel when you are there. Weekly mindfulness and mobility sessions are a necessary investment in bringing you closer to your goals.

We have solutions for Work, Personal, and School needs. Quazzy’s mindfulness helps empower clients to release self doubt and step into a fuller, present, and more accountable version of themselves.


Work performance remains optimal when our bodies get to move around. Simple stretching and breathing exercises can increase work efficiency and effectiveness.


Over recent years, burn-out has increased. With advancements in technology creating more diverse work time zones, it can become easy to stay busy but difficult to be productive. Our mindfulness sessions remind people to slow down to see the big picture around goal setting, and make decisions that prioritize the objectives that matter the most.


It’s simple: people want to function in environments where there is high quality morale. Quality morale inspires confidence and enthusiasm. When people move their body in a mindful way 3 times a week, studies have shown a significant boost in morale. Feeling confident and enthusiastic in what you do is the requirement, and not luxury, when investing in a healthy life.


All services available virtually or in-person


Your personal wellness begins with you. Invest in yourself and watch the quality of your life improve greatly. We offer customizable 1-on-1 and small group sessions for individuals, partners, and families.


Positive peer relationships and stress management helps grow healthy students. We help students explore their boundaries around self-management, self-esteem, and processing their emotions.Our programs have been adapted for all grades, as well as services for Staff and Parent-Teacher Associations.


Each session is adapted for individuals and groups

Mobility Sessions

Yoga helps build mental health and also improves one’s immunity. We have three mobility programs that can be adjusted for all shapes and sizes.

Mindfulness Sessions

This is the cornerstone of our work. In our mindfulness sessions, we teach the basics of meditation, deep-breathing, and releasing stress. Using our “Qalm Engineering”, clients report improved outlook, mood, and overall mental health.

Keynote Presentations & Workshops

Experience transformation in your group or company setting. Enrich your workplace culture with techniques that keep everyone feeling whole. Our Keynotes and Workshops are tailored to each organization’s needs around enriching workplace culture.

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