Personal Services

Build your peace from within 

In the pursuit of our goals, distractions come along the way and our personal wellness can shift down our list of priorities. Ironically, it is the desire to be “more/better” that leads us to overextending ourselves. 

What if we knew that everything we needed was inside, if we only knew how to access it? Our “Qalm Engineering” program accesses the mechanism in the mind that observes your thoughts, and allows you to replace limiting beliefs about yourself into something more powerful.

Our personal services are for people who want to feel at peace in their environment. We’ve developed this method of mindfulness that connects your brain to 4 main sources of happiness in the body, helping you recreate a sense of peace in daily life.

Qalm Engineering Program

A program to increase the 4 major brain chemicals that induce happiness into your day, creating a higher sense of clarity, purpose, and self worth.

Senior Care: the life call

These calls guide seniors through a process that de-stresses the body and invites a way of calm that increases joy and reduces stress. Available as a gift card.

personal/group yoga

Help bring the best out of people while getting the most access to their bodies range of motion. Includes Stretch & Refresh, Group Yoga, in Zoom or in person.

Qalm Engineering

Our work improves mental health, releases stress and anxiety from the body, and creates massive transformation

What is Qalm Engineering: 

​​As a Sound Engineer, I learned how to level elements and bring them into harmony. Qalm Engineering is designed to help you increase 4 major brain chemicals that induce happiness. With sessions designed for your specific needs and capabilities, we discover what works for you. Transform your life through mindfulness practice. Redesign your reality by gaining mastery over your perspective.

Qalm Sessions:

Bring awareness to the nuances of your daily life, and it will address the roadblocks causing stress in your body. We understand the importance of a healthy atmosphere, and we approach it on a physical and mental level. Qalm Sessions foster nurturing relationships between yourself and your circle of influence. With a comprehensive and structured practice, we create tools to facilitate growth. Your relationship with yourself extends beyond our weekly sessions. We help you create the daily reality you want to experience. 

The Process:

Designed to fit into your lifestyle, affirm your strengths, and improve on your deficiencies. The process is only 25 minutes for 2-3 days a week. It includes time for us to check in, increase blood flow, release tension in neck/shoulders/wrist, and build a meditation practice that can last us a lifetime.

Studies Prove:

Doing something new for 90 days can create a new habit. Our work improves mental health, releases stress and anxiety from the body, and creates massive transformation throughout your radius of influence. Client testimonials have reported a higher sense of clarity, purpose, and self worth.


25 Minutes, 3x/week: 1 Person $80/week ($26 Per Session), 2 People $120/week ($60 Per Person)

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Senior Care: The Life Call

A process that de-stresses the body and invites a
wave of calm

Many senior citizens are being undervalued by society and disconnected from their families and humanity. “The Calm Call” is a service for seniors to dial in as many as 4 times a week and receive a 15 minute guided relaxation dialogue that allows them to put their body and mind at ease.

We guide seniors through a process that de-stresses the body and invites a wave of calm. We focus on celebrating the joys of life and making it to the “Golden Years”. This call increases joy and reduces stress, and gives seniors a chance to let go of resentment over past life experiences. Help a senior in your life grow with life’s changes. *Purchase a gift card for someone you love.


1 Call Per Month – $20

2 Calls Per Month – $35

4 Calls Per Month – $60

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Personal/Group Yoga

Get the most access to your body’s range of motion

Speaking from the heart, Yoga has been a huge connecting piece in my wellness journey. It has helped me gain a sense of peace within myself, and to be more connected to the people around me. I didn’t always do the poses with the most strength, flexibility, and grace, but I was fortunate enough to have good teachers that saved me from injury and also inspired me to do my best.

I have had the pleasure of leading yoga classes for thousands of strangers; I’ve also hosted family reunions, bachelorette parties, and social clubs looking to bring a healthy activity into their routine.

Our personal yoga is great for people who:

  • Are brand new
  • Not comfortable in a public/group environment
  • Dealing with an injury
  • Simply looking to have a unique and fun experience 

Personal Class – $75 Per Hour

Group Yoga – $150 Per Hour

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All services available virtually or in-person


Positive peer relationships and stress management helps grow healthy students. We help students explore their boundaries around self-management, self-esteem, and processing their emotions.Our programs have been adapted for all grades, as well as services for Staff and Parent-Teacher Associations.


Conscious business keeps clients optimal. A supportive work environment creates a fully-integrated team. Our work in business wellness builds relationships. Discover the ways you can strengthen your company’s vision with our team building programs.


Each session is adapted for individuals and groups

Mobility Sessions

Yoga helps build mental health and also improves one’s immunity. We have three mobility programs that can be adjusted for all shapes and sizes.

Mindfulness Sessions

This is the cornerstone of our work. In our mindfulness sessions, we teach the basics of meditation, deep-breathing, and releasing stress. Using our “Qalm Engineering”, clients report improved outlook, mood, and overall mental health.

Keynote Presentations & Workshops

Experience transformation in your group or company setting. Enrich your workplace culture with techniques that keep everyone feeling whole. Our Keynotes and Workshops are tailored to each organization’s needs around enriching workplace culture.

Discovery Call

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