Mobility Programs

Our mobility program helps bring the best out of people, while getting the most access to their body’s range of motion.

Life is lived in motion

Stretch & Refresh

From full time employees to retirees, we all get fatigued from our tasks by the middle of the day. When mental fatigue sets in, work becomes laborious. The constant use of our shouler, neck, and wrist muscles has an effect on our mood and focus. Our “Stretch and Refresh” course is designed to help you stay mentally clear for your work day and beyond.  

Group yoga

There has been significant research in recent years around the benefits of yoga. Yoga is very beneficial, mentally and physically,  and has become a regular form of recommended exercise. Our group yoga can be a wellness activity for a staff, or a private get together for a party or family.  Group yoga has been an effective way of boosting trust and morale.

Zoom or in person

Since 2020 we have completely virtualized the way that we have brought our classes and events to students. Now people from across the world are able to participate in our offerings. Through virtual we have found an abundance of connection and will continue our hybrid/virtual options.


All services available virtually or in-person


Your personal wellness begins with you. Invest in yourself and watch the quality of your life improve greatly. We offer customizable 1-on-1 and small group sessions for individuals, partners, and families.


Positive peer relationships and stress management helps grow healthy students. We help students explore their boundaries around self-management, self-esteem, and processing their emotions.Our programs have been adapted for all grades, as well as services for Staff and Parent-Teacher Associations.


Conscious business keeps clients optimal. A supportive work environment creates a fully-integrated team. Our work in business wellness builds relationships. Discover the ways you can strengthen your company’s vision with our team building programs.


Each session is adapted for individuals and groups

Mindfulness Sessions

This is the cornerstone of our work. In our mindfulness sessions, we teach the basics of meditation, deep-breathing, and releasing stress. Using our “Qalm Engineering”, clients report improved outlook, mood, and overall mental health.

Keynote Presentations & Workshops

Experience transformation in your group or company setting. Enrich your workplace culture with techniques that keep everyone feeling whole. Our Keynotes and Workshops are tailored to each organization’s needs around enriching workplace culture.

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