About Me

I’m dedicated to bringing people back to a sense of wholeness

My name is Nicholas “Quazzy” Herd. I started going by the name “Quazzy” in 2012 after joining a music group while in film school at New York University. I was in school studying “Sound Design” and it opened my eyes (and ears) to a new world of mixing elements that come from different walks of life and creating something new with them. As a lifelong lover of metaphors, I enjoy offering ideas people may not recognize at first, but still would connect with on a deep level.

As the stress of life and fast pace of New York started to get the best of me, I started to feel burnout, anxiety, and even suicide ideation .

Yoga and  meditation 
became a saving
grace that I embraced quickly and fell into deeply

As a child, I was known for being calm and collected, and yoga and meditation brought me back to a feeling of myself that was both youthful and timeless. 

I have dedicated my work to bringing people back to a sense of wholeness that gets lost along our way navigating life.

There is a youthful, joyful spirit that lives in all of us that is looking to be expressed if we only knew how to access it.

My work in sound design helped me express my love for story and my love for mindfulness helped me find my peace.  With those two elements I have found a world all my own, a quasi-reality that you can create in your life too. I am thankful for where this journey as Quazzy has taken me, and I am grateful for you on this journey too.

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